Market Watch: Bitcoin ends its worst day since September

The last day was particularly tumultuous throughout the entire cryptocurrency market and bears clearly had the upper hand. While an argument can be made that this is a correction that (so far) failed to damage the long-term market structure, it’s a fact that BTC’s price saw its worst day of trading since September 7th.

Bitcoin Price Tumbled Below $54K
Yesterday, bears took full control over the market, and this resulted in the worst daily candle Bitcoin’s had since September 7th when the price dropped from $52K all the way down to $42K.

This time the damage wasn’t as serious, but still, BTC opened at around $59K and closed below $54K, charting a considerable loss. Analysts speculate of the exact reasons for the drop, though many seem to believe that it was the overleveraged long position that cascaded into a spree of liquidations.

In fact, at one point, the liquidations amounted to over $300 million in just an hour. In any case, the market has since recovered a bit, and bitcoin’s price currently rests above $55,000, while its dominance over the remaining cryptocurrencies hovers slightly below 42%.

Chart by TradingView
Altcoins in Recovery
While on a 24-hour log, most of the altcoins are currently painted green, if we extend that to 30 hours, the situation would be completely different. Ethereum’s price plunged below $4K, while BNB, Solana, and especially Cardano (ADA) all charted notable declines.

However, since the dump, they are all now recovering, and this morning, the confidence seems to be resuming in the market.

Chart by Coin360
At the time of this writing, the biggest gainers from the 24-hour fiasco (of the top 100 coins) are ENS with 23% and CRO with 14.6%, even though the latter’s price was just below $1 about three days from now.

On the other hand, those who lost the most were BAT with 7.3% and OHM with 7.1% declines.
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Title: Market Watch: Bitcoin Concludes Its Worst Day Since September
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